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A small reminder of the dangers of USB sticks

We still see MICE professionals leave USB sticks to potential customers and sales agents. Here are a few words about why that is dangerous and why it won't help with your MICE sales.

Although the popularity of USB sticks has steadily decreased in the past decade, we still see the occasional MICE offer / product information given out using one. And why not? They are small, convenient to carry around and brand-able.

Below we briefly touch upon why USB sticks have gone out of date due to their various security risks.

A USB stick can contain malware which can infect your computer and upload malicious content on your computer. Dangers include spyware, infected software or even remote access to your computer. Once infected, cleaning a computer from malware varies from difficult to near impossible. Furthermore, malware can spread within a local network to other computers causing large scale damage to all computers connected to the same network. This is why most companies forbid the usage of personal or external USB-sticks – in some cases all USB sticks. Note also, that with the development of GDPR, any sensitive information you would like to carry on a USB stick may violate GDPR compliance.

Our experience of this matter is that if you are still distributing USB sticks to customers or MICE sales agents – you shouldn’t. Most people will not put a foreign USB stick in their USB port, so all your sales efforts and materials will be in vain. Furthermore, due to all the bad publicity concerning USB-sticks, a branded USB-stick is not really the best way to brand your company nowadays.

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About Visualizer

Visualizer provides a customisable interactive digital brochure for meeting hotels and event venues. The tour compiles panoramic images, still images, capacity charts, floor plans, PDFs and informational hotspots, and many other features in one place, easily accessible via an online link or an offline app. 

Visualizer makes hotel sales materials engaging and interactive, while incorporating the WOW effect of a virtual tour, and the informative effect of brochures and website links. It is primarily a sales tool designed to improve conversion while attached to outgoing offers and used when meeting spaces are unavailable for viewing, but can just as well be used for marketing hotel spaces and in social media.

A Visualizer tour can begin from any room, so sending links to customers or publishing them in social media can easily be customised to begin from any starting point in the hotel, allowing hoteliers to more effectively direct the attention of their target group to a particular view of the exterior or interior of the hotel.

An example link: https://scandichotels.visualizer360.com/eng/downtown-camper-by-scandic?t=60588&p=60751&h=270.49&v=13.47&f=84

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