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Coronavirus: Tips to Reach Your Customers

The outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)* has caused major disruptions in the meetings & events industry all around the world. Meetings and conferences are being cancelled, and global travel has been greatly limited to prevent the virus spreading further. Meeting professionals are unable to meet.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of ways in which you can  to make the best out of a bad situation by making the most out of your Visualizer presentation. They are as follows:

Conduct site visits with Visualizer

With a webinar tool that has a share screen function, call your customer and walk them through your hotel virtually, just as you would if they were at your hotel. Panoramic images are particularly good for these types of situations, but even with a still image presentation you can easily succeed. Essentially, provide them with a proper site visit customer experience and let the presentation do the rest.

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Make use of your hot spots and Call to Actions

Right now, having clear and up-to-date information in your Visualizer presentation is more important than ever, as customers are likely to make remote decisions. If you have not already, update your smart tags and make sure all the necessary information to book a conference can be found there. Your customer’s sales path can be effortless online too, with just a little bit of effort on your part.

Make Visualizer colorful and personal

When did this notion appear that virtual site visits are dull and grey? They absolutely do not have to be! Spend a little time sorting through any images you have and decorate your visualizer with event images, brand images (such as: appetizers, guests enjoying themselves, the unique things that make your hotel or conference center special), videos, etc. While showcasing the spaces is important, the vibe and the atmosphere are equally important – they appeal to the buyer and start the creative juices flowing.

Use the share button in your presentation

You’ll probably be doing a lot more sales through online channels in the upcoming months. Use that share-button to your advantage and share your meeting spaces online in all your favourite social media channels. Let the presentation attract you customers; that is what it’s there for!

Smaller meetings requests and blind offers

Attach a direct link to the offered space in your offers. Especially with the smaller events where the communication is minimal, let the room speak for itself.

*Read more on the Coronavirus from the World Health Organization website.

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Author: Saila Sinokki

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