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Double Your ROI from 1-on-1 Meetings

Are you finding it difficult keeping organized during speed meetings and tailoring each pitch to suite your customer? If so, read our blog post to make the most out of your efforts.

1-on-1 meetings is a widely used concept at networking events and a common way to connect with meeting planners and other potential high value customers. Participation in these events requires effort and costs money and the time allocated for each session is typically limited. So, you better make most of your and your customers’ time while there.

Given the importance of each session, it is remarkable that the tools and promotional materials used during the meetings by hotels are, well, ancient. PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and paper brochures are still widely used. They are costly to produce, often out-of-date, and difficult to distribute. With proper tools and some preparation, it is very easy to stand out from the crowd.

There is a wealth of digital sales enhancement tools that can help in curating, organizing, and presenting the material for your hotel. Use one that is targeted for hotels and venues and able to support you in all customer interactions throughout the sales process.

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Stand out from the Crowd

Your prospects are going to meet a number of other venues as well, so you need to be memorable. Don’t bore the prospect with that same standard presentation with 35 slides or use gimmicks. Be relevant and respond to their information needs.

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Provide something of value to the prospect, like an answer to a burning question or a novel idea. Show wedding examples to a wedding planner. Follow your customer’s interests and tailor your approach accordingly. Your material needs to have enough depth to answer specific questions, and you need to be able to find the information fast. For that use a tool that lets you navigate easily and fast to any part of any hotel/venue you have.

Also make sure your tool supports offline operation, so that you are independent of the wireless connectivity at the premises. Last thing you need, is to wait for the material to load. While waiting, you will most likely lose your prospect´s interest.

After your 1-on-1 meeting

After the show, remember to follow up immediately. Sending your prospects a link to the material you showed during the meeting is a good way of reminding them what you discussed. Be sure to use a tool that lets you know when the prospect has accessed the material and what they are interested in. Following up is key to keeping the prospect interested.

In summary

In order to double your ROI from 1-on-1 meetings:

  • Prepare in advance and keep information up to date
  • Be relevant to your prospect at the meeting
  • Be sure to follow up and use tools to follow prospect’s actions
  • Select a tool that you are able to use in all phases of your sales process

If you want to know how to double your ROI from 1-on-1 meetings, Contact us here.

Author: Kimmo Kaitala

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