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office image with table surface

How are your hotel’s meeting spaces represented to your B2B customers? An easy photography preparation guide for hotel sales departments.

Visualizer has produced hundreds of visually impressive MICE presentations ranging from small, private event venues to large, global hospitality chains. Visualizer presents spaces by compiling functional photos – by definition - images which look as realistic as possible. While each venue is different, there are some basic rules, which apply when photographing a space for sales purposes - even if you take the image with your own camera!

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See below an easy photography preparation guide for hotel sales departments:

  • Specify are you taking a brand photograph or a functional photograph.

Functional photos communicate to the customer how they will find the space when they enter. Brand photos promote the brand style and feel, often in exaggerated ways. Make sure you know which image you want to take before booking a photographer.

  • Make sure that the locations are presentable and set up in the same manner as if your customer was visiting.

In our experience, if the location looks very different in an image and in real life, the customer’s expectations will not match what the space has to offer. Hence, try to avoid additional items and decorations. Overpromising in photographs can easily turn into disappointment and poor customer experiences.

  • Pay attention to general tidiness.  

Photoshopping after the photoshoot may be even more costly than the photoshoot itself. You can make sure your images require the least amount of photoshopping work by doing a good job with the preparation in advance. Here are a few things which you can pay attention to in advance:

  1. Make sure that all light bulbs are working.
  2. Ensure that curtains and furniture are presentable and straight. Tablecloths and other similar materials should be ironed well, as even the smallest wrinkles will be visible in high resolution images.
  3. Flowers and beverages should be arranged according to hotel specifications.
  4. Magazines, brochures, menu/wine lists should be straightened and in good condition. Note that brochures and magazines go out-of-date fast, so carefully consider before using them in room photography.
  5. Pay attention to general tidiness.
  6. Make sure all cables and extension cords are hidden during the photography.
  7. Hide the trash cans.
  • Keep your images from going out-of-date

By thinking ahead, you can easily take a picture, which will last for as long as the room remains the same.  Avoid these pitfalls if you want lasting images:  

  1. Avoid having people in your images. Hairstyles and fashion go out of date fast.
  2. Avoid brochures and magazines on photographed surfaces. These types of items are always tied to a time and place, and can easily ruin even the best of pictures in the long run.

See below a few examples of how we have used functional photography to present rooms in our presentations:



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