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Product Tour

Visualizer Engage & Sell is a Cloud based Sales Engagement tool, which provides much needed sales support for the MICE industry, replacing or incorporating much of the traditional sales materials into one neat package.


Visualizer helps your customers create a better understanding of your spaces and improves their ability to communicate your product to their decision making group. This results in increased conversion rates and decreased decision making time.


Visualizer is a MICE software which allows your sales teams to collect photos, virtual tours, floor plans, capacity tables and key selling points into one single presentation. All the necessary information for customers to make a purchase decision is one click away!



Visualizer showcases spaces with a variety of visual materials. Every conference space is important and should be presented by what value they bring to the customer. Visualizer creates an image gallery of every space and connects them with their key selling points.

Discover the exciting new world of selling conference spaces with Visualizer:

  1. Always up to date visuals and understandable presentations for sales communication
  2. Analytics for tracking the use of the sales materials
  3. An intuitive, easy to use CMS for creating, managing and updating your sales presentations
  4. Focused on hospitality industry and particularly suited for MICE sales
  5. iPad application that supports offline use for face-to-face meetings, site visits and exhibitions
To see Visualizer Visit in action, join in on our weekly Tuesday Webinar Site Inspection by registering here.
If you want to get in touch, contact us here.