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Take the necessary steps to paperless MICE sales

Hospitality and MICE paper usage has been on the map lately. As lovely as it sounds, transitioning to paperless events may turn intimidating when they require you to change the way you work. Therefore, we gathered a helpful list of things you can do or look out for when planning a paperless event. There’s no need to stress!

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Start with small steps: implement changes which will make your life easier rather than more difficult. For instance, using digital technology will help get rid of much of the former paper waste. Initially, list out all the places where you use paper. Then look for digital – or other creative solutions – for those activities. Shifting from paper to digital materials will save you in both printing and updating costs, in addition to reducing CO2. Remember to celebrate the small wins.

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When choosing digital solutions to replace paper solutions, look for technology that is easy and intuitive to use. Any applications or software you are thinking of investing in, try it out first. If possible, ask several staff members to try it out. The key to getting tech to replace paper successfully is to make sure people know how to use it, enjoy using it and can use it across all platforms. Anything else will go unused and people will quickly slip back into old patterns.

Showcase your branding, marketing and graphics digitally; what posters or notifications you may have put up before, replace them by beaming information on the walls, displaying it on screens or create practical and fun decorative elements, such as a blackboard wall, to make marketing easy. This will not only lessen your paper usage, but it’ll give you an opportunity to brainstorm new ways to display your brand and the information you want to communicate to your customers.

Lead by example. Make sure any registrations, polls and materials are online and avoid distributing printed materials. Make sure any apps you use are easily downloadable and that participants have advanced notice that they will need them.

Make sure to encourage sustainable behaviour from your attendees. Guide your attendees to the sustainable choices and reward those who use them. These can be as simple as charging for prints or paper sign ups. Why not also poll after your event, how you could have performed better sustainability wise?

Above all, talk with your customers. Find out what their event experience in your establishment has been like, and how you can improve it. If any of the steps you have taken are too strange or inconvenient for them, it will be easier to modify as you go, rather than build a complete and complicated process, which has to be scrapped later on.

As with any other new processes you are implementing, we encourage you to think about convenience for yourself and your customers. If you can set up an easy routine for each step you take on your way to going paperless, making changes is not that difficult. Keep in mind, that many great paperless solutions have been created already. Hence, you do not need to reinvent the wheel, but simply take some bold and calculated steps to making those solutions work for you.

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This article has been published in the October edition of the Visualizer Newsletter. If you want to read more similar content, subscribe here:

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