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The Ingredients for a Wonderful Visualizer Presentation

Visualizer is a great virtual site visit tool for showcasing your MICE spaces and services for potential customers. This week we took our time and compiled a brief list of things to keep in mind when creating your presentation. Enjoy!

A list of components you need for a Visualizer presentation:

1. Images, Images and Images

The key to a good Visualizer virtual site visit presentation is a variety of good images of your meeting spaces. Choose one or two panoramic photos of each space, if possible, to showcase the space and dimensions of the room. In addition, depending on the amount of table formations applicable for that particular meeting room, try to provide helpful still images, which present the room in different table formations. This helps the customer understand how a room can be transformed for different events.

AVOID many photographs of the same space taken from the same angle, with the same table formation, or the same setup. Basically, avoid any photographs which bring no additional information or value to the viewer. Our studies have shown that people want to see variety when browsing through MICE image galleries.

Visualizer on different devices

2. Answer your most frequently asked questions in the presentation.

Visualizer is a great tool to communicate the big picture to your customer. Use the different functionalities of the presentation to answer most commonly asked questions, thus freeing time for your staff to do other things. Examples:

Is there natural light in the room?” Let the panorama and the capacity table do the talking for you.

What equipment and/or services are included?” The Meeting Room Features smart tag provides an easy answer to this and many other questions you might want to answer. Providing simple but comprehensive answers within smart tags is an easy way to give in depth understanding of your spaces to potential customers.

Make sure the information in your capacity chart is correct and up-to-date; this will help customers navigate the presentation based on their needs.

Banner to Visualizer Starter Package Landing Page

3. Use the presentation to enforce your brand and your concept.

Visualizer is not just about the spaces, but about the atmosphere and feel of your hotel – it’s a full virtual site visit experience. Try to integrate these elements within your presentation by including images of catering, atmospheric images, event images and even menus. By doing so, your offer becomes more tangible for your customers.

Screenshot of a Visualizer presentation

4. Provide a clear floor plan for your customers.

Especially for big events, the connectivity of spaces is key. Make sure your floor plan is easy to read, the information is up to date and the names of the rooms appear on the floor plan. A good floor plan will cut down on frequently asked questions and open your calendar for more in depth sales related questions.

Image of a floor plan in a Visualizer presentation.

Author: Saila Sinokki

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