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Three main obstacles to Meetings & Events sales – and one solution

In our interviews, 90% of meetings & events service buyers said that event venue sales processes do not fit their buying processes.

Based on the interviews, we identified three main obstacles that slow down the process and even lead to a lost sale:

No time for a visit. Service buyers seldom have time to visit each potential venue in person, and sales presentations aren’t enough to get a real idea of the spaces and their possibilities.

Having to convince other stakeholders. After a potential space has been found, buyers often need to get the decision approved by someone else within their company. As a result, the space has to essentially be sold twice.

Lack of interaction. Early-stage communication between buyers and sales teams often lacks interactivity. Buyers look through presentations on their own, and getting answers to any questions can take time.

20% saved with Visualizer

We believe that the solution to all three issues lies in visualization.

Visualizer creates beautiful 360-degree views of meetings & events spaces, allowing the buyer to take a virtual tour that is as good as visiting in person – or better: different views can be created to demonstrate different set-ups, from weddings to product launches to banquet dinners. Visualizer combines the best sides of a sales presentation and an in-person visit.

Buyers can also use the visualizations to convince other stakeholders within their company to green light the decision. Seeing is believing – and hopefully buying.

Visualizations also drive up MICE sales conversion rates by encouraging the buyer to contact the sales team once the tour is over, something traditional sales presentations cannot do. The buyer is already immersed in the environment, making it easier to move forward with the discussion.

Right now, using visualization is a competitive advantage. Soon not using it will be a disadvantage. But don’t just take our word for it – see it for yourself.

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