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Top tips to updating your MICE sales

Given how much MICE customer behavior has changed in the recent years due to technology, it’s almost impossible to function without updating your sales pitch, your tools and your approach. Therefore, we had our sales team compile a list of things to improve, if you want to stay current and maintain a healthy customer base.

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1. Traditional ways of marketing are out

Many hotels are still sticking to traditional ways of marketing their spaces, such as brochures, magazines and leaflets. It’s clear that all printed materials require regular maintenance even if delivered in PDF format. Move your content online with a conference space sales tool, but make sure you have offline access when necessary – after all –  many times we still face the issue of unreliable wifi connections.

2. Provide easy access to materials

In the venue sales industry it is typical to have information online in downloadable PDF format. While PDFs make for nice printed brochures, people are generally disinclined to download materials online. If it is not visible in your browser immediately when you open a website, it may well be disregarded. Prefer browser-friendly, online responsive material.

3. You can say more, by saying less.

We’ve all heard the phrase: a picture is worth a 1000 words. We are in the business where appearances mean everything. A seaside suite is not nearly as marketable, if it does not have a nice view. A 100 person meeting space is not nearly as alluring, if it’s cold, damp or dark. Why communicate your facilities in words, when you can tell much more with a single image?

Luckily, we live in an era where our messaging is no longer about textual content; anywhere, anytime we can snap a picture, take a video or send audio, to provide detailed information about our surroundings and circumstances. Find a way to include these elements into your marketing framework; they’ll pay themselves back tenfold.

4. Use materials which stand out and can easily be shared via social media.

If you are not already doing your best to be online, now is your last chance to hop on the social media train. Our attachment to our phones is a gift and a curse, but thankfully it’s also great for marketing.

Use online content to your advantage; bring out the heart and soul of your business by incorporating MICE, cultural and brand experiences to your online marketing. Provide customers with great and relevant online material, with instant share options and subtly encourage them to share your content online.

5. Answer the most common questions customers have, before they have a chance to ask.

Answer the most commonly asked questions in your marketing materials; the more hoops the customer must hop through to book a space, the less spaces you will sell.