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Visualizer, Best Practices Part 1: Embedding Visualizer on your Website

Maker your customers happy - add Visualizer to your website!

Our recently published a blog entry titled ´Virtual Tour, So What´, examined the difference between a traditional virtual tour and a virtual sales tool. In order to go deeper into this topic, we are introducing this Best Practices series to help you incorporate Visualizer to every aspect of your sales and marketing routine. We kick start this series with an easy one; embedding your presentation on your website. It is quite common that hotel websites are not MICE centric and they rarely put much focus on displaying their MICE spaces. Therefore, once you have a Visualizer presentation, it is recommended that you link your presentation to your website. This way you can easily reach those customers just casually browsing your website for a venue.

How to embed your presentation to your website?

There are three basic ways to embed a Visualizer presentation to your website:

1. As a lightbox – Lightboxes are a fun way for the presentation to pop up in the browser, ensuring that your customer will not leave your website. Insert a simple 360 icon or virtual tour button, which opens the presentation for viewing. Once your customer is done, all they need to do is close the light box and continue browsing your website, or head directly to reservations.

2. As a link from your website to your Visualizer presentation – Links are a great option, since they direct the customer to your sales presentation. As with the light box, create a 360 icon or virtual tour button, which you can click to open up a new tab or window for your presentation.

3. As an iFrame – iFrame guarantees your customer will not leave your website while browsing the Visualizer presentation. It is a convenient way to embed your presentation directly on your website, guaranteeing your customer the freedom to browse both Visualizer and your website at the same time.

See an example way of embedding your presentation below:

An example from Scandic Infra City

But that’s not all you can do. You can also direct your customer to a specific point in the presentation.

1. Is your customer browsing a certain meeting room? Try directing that customer to browse that room of the Visualizer presentation – either by using a 360 icon or a button called ‘examine room’. If they show signs of interest in a certain space, there is no need to make them look through the entire presentation – you can immediately direct your customer’s focus to the correct room. This way you will peak their interest and close the sale faster.

2. Do you have a capacity chart on your website? Incorporate a link to each room from your capacity chart to that specific room in Visualizer. This way you are always primed to sell your meeting rooms even from your website capacity table.

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