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Visualizer compatibility with Internet Explorer (IE) enhanced

Visualizer started using more advanced coding elements in our presentations in June 2019. As a result, users of Internet Explorer began experiencing problems with Visualizer presentations. We have now fixed the visibility issues so that your customers using IE will be able to view the presentations.

We strive to keep Visualizer compliant with the browsers our clients and their clients use. In the future there might however be features that do not work properly with IE. We also expect to see safety issues in using the Internet Explorer, as it is not updated to accommodate latest web standards.

We warmly recommend that you switch to another browser when using Visualizer and that you encourage your customers to view the presentations in one of the browsers still being developed. Visualizer supports the latest versions of the most popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera, as well as Safari for Mac. These browsers are regularly updated to meet the ongoing development of web standards.


Internet Explorer has been the default browser in older PCs running Windows versions such as Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. The IE browser has not been updated for several years, Microsoft having moved on to developing another browser: Microsoft Edge. The latest, and final, version of Internet Explorer (IE 11) was published already in 2013 and no longer support the latest web standards. As web pages and applications develop, Internet Explorer is no longer able to display content correctly – if at all.

Web content not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer should not be a widespread problem, as its usage is rare nowadays, especially with consumers. Statistics show that Internet Explorer’s share of global web browsing traffic is currently between 2 and 5 % (depending on the source). This may vary from country to country.